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Missing option

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I think there is an option missing from the selection list on the From-header in hunt groups on v59.0. Notice the bottom of the list where the blue selection bar is. There is no text for the last option in the list. Upon examining the HTML you can see that there is no text to display for the last item in the list.

<select class="form-control" id="from_header">
    <option value="id">Calling-Party</option>
    <option value="name">Group name</option>
     <option value="display">Group name (Calling Name)</option>
     <option value="number">Group name (Calling number)</option>
    <option value="cmc1">Calling party name (CMC)</option>
    <option value="cmc2">Calling party number (CMC)</option>
    <option value="original"></option>        <==== Missing text 



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