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Doorphone internal dialplan only


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a customer has a door phone system on his old telephone system which is operated on an analog port.

We want to use a Cisco SPA 122 as gateway and make the phone number DID available only for internal use.

So that the extension number cannot be reached externally, we want to set the following in the routing of the SIPTRUNK, the "198" is the door intercom system.

For inbound routing we wanted to use the following pattern



If  incoming number 5555555198 then routing to 0 and for DID with 3 digits strip the last digits ANI if not found route all to 0

For the dial plan we want to set the following


It is not possible to deactivate the SIPTRUNK Ecotel in the dialplan or delete it after saving the entry is back again, how to delete or deactivate the trunk from the dialplan

For a internal dial plan it is correctly entered with the pattern * and target 198 (ANI intern)

The door opens when you enter the code #61 during a call, the Vodia sends it this way or we have to set something.

We can also place DTMF codes on a button to open the door at the push of a button



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The pattern does not make any sense to me... If you want to get the last 3 digits after the prefix try 


Dial plans answer the question on which trunk an outbound call should end up and what number to dial. There is no way to do additional things like enabling trunks. 

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