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History info issue


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In v60 & v61 when History info is enabled in a trunk the system sends the "History:" field in all calls, even those that are not forwarded where history info doesn't make sense. In order to comply with the interconnection agreements we have with major national carriers the History Info should only be present in forwarded calls. This is serious because they reject such calls.  

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Thanks for the beta. Unfortunately we didn't get it right with the first try. Here are the results of our tests. We are sending more details and traces in the support mail.

  1. We observe that both forwarded and non-forwarded calls have 2 levels of history-info. This is definetely not OK.

  2. In the case of the non forwarded call as stated above our peer agrements mandate that we transmit no history-info at all.

  3. In the case of the forwarded call where A calls B and is forwarded to C all was fine in v60. However in v61.1 we have a regression: the history-info is still OK but the P-Asserted-Identity field is wrong: it has the B-number instead of the A-number.

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