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Grandstream GDS3710 Video Door System - One Way Audio


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Pbxnsip Zeta Perseids / Grandstream GDS3710 Video Door System

Problem : when DoorStation makes a call to the pbx and an extension takes that call, there is only audio from the doorstation to the Extension, not the other way around.
When I make a direct IP¨connection from the doorstation to one of the phones, all is well.

Sip log of a call in addendum : could anyone look into this to check what might be wrong ? Any ideas very much appreciated !

Many Thanks,

Pbxnsip Grandstream Doorphone Sip Log.txt

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Without really looking into the details (this is a pretty old version) the problem will be that the door phone sends a SDP with multiple m-lines, which probably confuses the PBX. What you can try here is to disable the video function on the door phone or make a backup and try and upgrade to version 62 to see if it works there without problems.

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