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Pickup calls in answered state


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I'm trying to figure out how to best approach a scenario where a manager has to take over calls.


Let's say Manager runs a call center and Rep A received Chatty Client B. CCB has frustrated RA to a point where heated words may be said. Manager wants to be able to grab the call from RA without having to use parks/holds.

I know there's a feature for call barge in, but that would still leave RA on the line, is there a possibility of just completely taking the call over?


To summarize the feature would be a forced transfer.


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Call barge in would be the best bet for now. As soon as the RA hears that the manager is on the call, he/she can hang up or excuse themselves from the call.

As the transfer is done by the source and cannot be forced by the destination callee, this is the only way to go with it for now.

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