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Hi Guys,


 I've a query. I've Vodia version, 62.0. When we edit a extension and go to provisioning tab there is an option "Proposed SIP transport protocol" where we can set transport to UDP, TCP or TLS. On yealink_common.txt template there is a variable for transport "account.{lc}.transport = {outbound-layer udp udp=0 tcp=1 tls=2}" which works according to the transport we set for particular extension. How can I set the variable for sip server port "account.{lc}.sip_server_port = ?" if I've PBX running on UDP=5060, TCP= 7080 and TLS 5061? I know it works if I set "account.{lc}.sip_server_port = {sip-port udp}". But I need to work as if I set extension transport to TLS it should automatically go on TLS port which is configured on PBX. Please advise.

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I would not change the template for something like this. We have set this up in a way that works, and there is usually no reason to change it unless you want to experiment. Maybe you can try to explain what you actually want to achieve.

BTW the new Yealink template includes a "general" parameter where you can add content to the template without having to change the template itself. This has the advantage that if there is a new PBX version available you will not miss those updates.

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