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SSH - FTP - TFTP on version 63


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I wanted to know how to enable/disable SSH - FTP - TFTP services, in reference to SSH the manual reports the following:

SSH login: When SSH gets enabled, the PBX writes the SSH configuration files. Depending on the SSH version, this could work or not. Hopefully this works now for all versions in 63.0.

as for FTP and TFTP I see how to change the port, but not how to disable services, also for SSH - FTP - TFTP access credentials are those of the administrator?




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If you don't want to use TFTP or FTP just clear the port setting  -then no port will be opened. This is perfectly fine, especially if you are not operating the PBX in the LAN. On WAN these ports are not needed.

SSH is available only for Vodia IOP and IO - on a regular server installation that setting is not there and it does not make sense because the PBX has no control over SSH anyway.

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Unfortunately, it is not enough to erase the door, as soon as Vodia's service starts, the door is recreated.
Example FTP 21, delete the port and save, restart the service and 21 again appears in the FTP port.
Then I sincerely do not understand why you have not put deto the interface of Vodia the key to stop or restart the service of Vodia, it would have been very convenient.

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I swear that I have done it at least 3 times, every time I restarted the service and at the retouching it was set by itself the door 21.
Now I have done it again and the door is empty (magic)

I take advantage of this for a question about the Vodia service, currently I stop and restart the Vodia service from the Windows services,
Isn't it possible to restart the service with a button in Vodia? There are no problems locally, but remotely it becomes a problem.

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If you restart from the Windows service, that is probably the fastest way to get this done.

If you have no access to the Windows service manager, you can as well just terminate the process from the web interface - then the windows manager will automatically restart it. Windows is very good dealing with services that suddenly stop 😅. This is in reg_reboot.htm:


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