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Star codes problem


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I've tried different star codes and I've got problems.
Example *85 for the call park and *77 I can't use them.
I'm in conversation and I type *85 or *77 and nothing happens, I just hear the DTMF tone sent, where am I wrong?

Let me explain, with IP phones everything works without typing in the star codes, I imagine that the star codes are used for the use of analog phones or otherwise without system keys.
So do they use star codes from these analog phones example *77? 
Can the R (Flash) key on the phones be used ?


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Yes those star codes are for "dumb" phones - for example if you want to transfer a call you would have to have the phone send something like "*77123" if you want to transfer to 123. Many devices have a local dial plan that tells the device when the sequence is done, for example you would have to enter "*77123#" to tell the device when the sequence is finished or use a timeout. You could also use a flash key, but then you would have to set up the device to recognize that key sequence.

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