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Clarifications dial plan


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I can't get a good grasp of the dial plan logic:
for example, I wanted to make these rules
- block 00
- enable however 004456273834
- enable all numbers starting with 01 until 09
- block 1 initial 
- enable 11 initial
- block 8 initial
- Enable 800/848/803
- 91x -> select the number x by deleting 91
- if I select +39x only the number x is dialed and deleted +39

are the rules being read from top to bottom?
I've tried in every way but I'm definitely wrong something, can you please give me a hand?
Thank you in advance,

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The list is being read according to the preference number that you set on the far left side.

We're sure you must have gone through these links, but they might need more hands-on than just going through them :) 

1) https://doc.vodia.com/domain_dialplans

2) https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_inbound_routing - Specifically for inbound call.

The regex would look something like this if you want to ignore the first 4 numbers, but ofcourse this has to be sharpened according to your needs. We're just giving an excerpt from the 1st link that is provided here. It's on there too:

Pattern: ^([0-9]{4})([0-9]*)@.*

Replacement: sip:\2@\r;user=phone

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thank you I managed to make all the rules that I needed except one, practically eliminate +39

I compose +3934666666
with the rule you see below unfortunately does not delete + 39 but selects this -> 03934666666
should actually select 3934666666.

Will you kindly give me a hand?

n.b.: even if I disable the rule nothing happens, so as if the modification of the +xx happens elsewhere.
Actually the best would be if you can get me to eliminate any form "+xx".




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