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problems with trunk deviations


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201 calls 202 correctly
210 and 202 call outward correctly

201 is talking to external number 333333333
201 correctly transfers the conversation to 202

201 is diverted outwards to 333333333
202 calls 201 and the external number 333333333 rings correctly

201 is talking to external number 333333333
201 wants to transfer call in progress 3333333 to external number 4444444 -> does not work

I tried both with away with announcement and with blind away, is there any option on the trunk or on extension that escapes me?

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We suppose this is a very confusing way of explaining your scenario and we even tried to make a diagram for this but doesn't clear up what you want to achieve here. Please give us only the important and wanted information, even diagrams and screenshots are welcome.


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Again, we're talking about your Trunk and the number of channels that it allows you to call from which might depend on your subscription with them. Check your subscription payment ans settings with them to know more. In this scenario you're making more than 1 SIMULTANEOUS call, which might not be allowed by it. This has got nothing to do with our license and the PBX.

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The trunk has 11 channels, so it is not about a limit of the provider or even of the channels available on Vodia.
If I transfer an external call directly to an external number (with announcement or in blind mode) it does not work.
If, on the other hand, I transfer an external call to another extension (which is diverted to an external number), the transfer takes place regularly.

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In that case, do this:

1) Go to Admin level logs and set ONLY " Call Messages" to ON and rest everything to OFF and save it.

2) Clear all the logs before making any calls. Now, make the same situational calls (both inbound and outbound from the extension).

3) Look (Ctrl + F) for the word "Refer " (it should have a space after the word refer as shown here) and send us only that Refer log if you find it there.


Or you can give us the system level login to your system and we'll take a look. We would need the name of the domain on which this should be tested and the DID that needs to be called.

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Before you do the above,

Please try to make 2 outgoing calls from that extension at the same time and let us know if that works for you.

Call one cell phone, talk, put it on hold, call another cell phone and try to talk and let us know if that was successful.

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Okay, so,
two successful simultaneous calls made at the same time.
I have done further tests and I think I have understood that the problem arises on a Grandstream phone and not on a Snom.
Both are supplied by Vodia, both correctly transfer the external calls to an internal one (both with announcement and in blind mode), but if I try to transfer an external call from a Grandstream (GXP1625) the conversation falls off :(

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That was going to be our last argument.

So maybe Grandstream can help you more with that. If you're their partner or similar, then you can open up a ticket with them or upgrade/ downgrade their firmware (you would have to google more about it).

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I understood and solved the problem,
I put an "Outbound-DID" number on the extension and it was bad news.
At this point the problem is not the Grandstream phone but my settings on Vodia.
I try to describe my question:

- trunk 1 - with numbers 023333201 up to 023333201
- trunk 2 - single number 025555555
- extension 206 receives calls on the DID 023333206
- extension 206 comes with 023333206 (setting "Outbound-DID" 023333206 to extension 206)

so far, so good to receive and transmit,
but what if the outgoing 206 wants to use trunk 2 - 025555555?
as described above is not usable, 
Where am I wrong?
in a nutshell if on Vodia I register different trunks I have to be able to use from each extension each trunk

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