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Recall on Vodia


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I wondered if it would be possible to activate the recall function in this scenario:
- external number on vody 02444444
- the customer calls from the outside to 024444444
- the call is handled by a DISA/IVR (these are just examples) and the caller is invited to type in the external number -> for example 02555555
- the caller at that point is calling the number 02555555 using the trunk of Vodia 02444444

n.b.: obviously, for security reasons, everything must be authorised by means of a password or by recognising the caller.

I hope I've made myself understood, can I do it and how?

I'm afraid I can't find anything on -> https://doc.vodia.com


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I'll explain myself better:
is used to allow an employee of a company to use the lines of the Company.
- a user is out of the company, call the number 02345678 (example) Vodia answers and calls the user out of the company. At that point, the out-of-company user can call externally using the Company's lines.
Can this be done?

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