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Three questions:
- when sending email, is it possible to send the user's credentials as well?
- Is it possible to send the qr-code as an attachment when sending an email?
- Is it possible to view the qr-code (question above apart) only by admin?

I'm writing here because it doesn't allow me to comment on your answer, I don't know why.
You say you can send mass QR-Codes, but I don't see this function, where can I find it?


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We need to get a way from sending password in emails - actually to even give passwords to users. It is a support and security problem. In the 64 version we have added a feature that allows the bulk download of QR codes so that they can be printed out (yes, on paper) and provided to the user. In many organizations that is a easy and safe way of providing users the credentials to the user login. This is in admin mode. Also we are using the Google login feature now also in the Android app, so that the user does not have to know the password at all. It is easier to set up for the administrator than the web login because of the way the app login works - just make sure that the email address is in the extension. 

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