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Voicemail Option 5


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Was testing some of the features for voicemails and while this is not critical or an issue per say, i felt like it should be brought up.


So after listening to a voicemail you have various options, option 5 gives you the details of the calls.


Before the new version it gave you the following information:

  1. Date of  voicemail
  2. Time of voicemail
  3. The call From


However with the new version the structure has changed:


  1. Date of voicemail
  2. Time of voicemail
  3. The call from
  4. The call To*

Perhaps i haven't tested this in the correct environment it was designed for, but it seems redundant to let the user know that the voicemail left in their mailbox was left for their number.

As an analogy imagine your personal cellphone voice tree announcing to you that "Voicemail 123 has been left for your number 456"


Is there a way to modify this functionality or perhaps tweak it in some way.

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