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changing Caller ID for outbound calls


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Just want to check if something is possible (I’m not sure anything is, but just how it is implemented).

Customer has domain setup in Vodia.  Using Yealink 6 x T46s and 2 x T42G/S

Customer is adding another brand to the company and wants to ensure when they answer/call out, they are going via the correct branding.

For the inbound calls, we can setup a new ring group so that it would ring 3 out of the 8 extensions.

But for outbound calls, could we setup a BLF key that as predefined outbound caller ID so that it has a different outbound caller id to the normal/default number?

It would be using the same trunk.

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Branding means that they present a certain caller-ID for outbound calls (ANI)? That is for sure possible. There are many ways to achieve this, depending on what they need. Inbound is relatively easy - all they will need is to assign DID numbers to the extension. In 64, there is a new page specially for this task.

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