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Stripe Billing


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Do you have a detailed documentation on Stripe? How does it work?

I think it would be better if there is a front-end interface. Currently you have to collect the credit card number, expiration date, card 3 or 4 digit code from the customer and enter into the pbx, or you give the customer login credentials to the pbx domain admin and they can enter the info themselves


1) most people don't want to give out their CC info

2) When you give domain admin login credentials to customers, they create more issues because 90% of them click on other things and messup settings

It would be nice to add one of the following

1) Front-end that does not require clients to login to the pbx to capture CC info

2) Button / option on the pbx to click to send billing email to the customer, and it takes them to the front-end where they can enter the required information (CC, click to add auto recharge etc) 

Please checkout this demo


They have a complete front-end solution. When you login you can see that the client / customer can add their payment info by themselves, they can setup the pbx / make changes without logging into the back end / pbx 


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1) That is why they can enter it directly into the web interface - stripe takes actually care about the CC number and the sensitive information and this information never hits the PBX or any of our or your servers. They can also enter it into stripe.com however this is not easy.

2) That is true. One solution could be to lock everything down, so that the may be able to see e.g. the call logs, but make no changes.

1) You can do that, however this would require that you set up another web server. With the REST API you can set the stripe subscription ID into the PBX, so that the PBX can check if the subscription is still active and e.g. shut the domain if that is not the case. Might be interesting for the automatic charge function when their prepaid credit falls below the reload number.

2) That would be just a simple change of the template for the billing page (dom_billing).

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