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Dial Plan Sttings


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For outbound calling within North America

1) For long distance we dial 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1)

ISSUE: the way i have it setup you have to put 1 in-front of local and long distance calls. Users don't know that they have to add 1 in-front of all calls, because for local calls you don't need to put 1

How do i setup the dial plan so that outbound calls would connect if you dial as follows: dial 1-555-555-555 for long distance or 444-444-4444 (without the 1) for local both should connect

2) From mobile app if you put +1-555-555-5555 does not connect most people save phone numbers on their phone in international format +1

How do i setup to dial out if you dial +1 or 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1) the call should connect in all 3 scenarios  

3) I have another dial plan for international call with A - Z outbound

How do i setup dial plan to call out if you add + in-front of any country code e.g +44 / +232 / +65 (any country code with + before country code) - the call should connect

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It really depends on the device.

On mobile phones and soft phones fortunately nobody yet had the idea that the app has to start dialing without pressing the enter button. What you enter is what you dial. The PBX will look at the country code and then convert the number into the +-format.

On desktop phones there is still that desire that the phone will start dialing by itself. This is similar  to the desire to press a 9 to start making a phone call. IMHO this is very confusing and there is no more need for that on practically all VoIP phones. Asking users to dial 9911 instead of 911 is now illegal in many environments. The easiest on VoIP phones it to tell users that they can dial the number just like they dial the number on their cell phones. Usually 99.99 % of the users get it immediately and will never look back.

For analog devices like old FAX machines and legacy phones there is still the problem to determine when the number is complete. The easiest is to use a timeout which is okay in many cases because there is no human operating those devices any more or ask them to terminate their number with # instead of the enter button.

Rotary dialers are not used any more. Yay!

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