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We are not against it at all, actually believe that this is a great step into reducing SPAM and increasing office productivity. There is a nice description on the Bandwidth web page (https://www.bandwidth.com/glossary/stir-shaken/) that explains the call flow. The PBX is either the "calling party" or the "called party", authentication is done through username and password. So the PBX would be the "end user"—even if the PBX is not physically on the end user premises. Do you know any SIP trunk provider that would parse STIR/SHAKEN headers?

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https://www.inteliquent.com Currently supports STIR/SHAKEN.  I recently attended one of their webinars on the service, and the coming requirements.  They currently have some larger carriers like Comcast, and T-Mobile utilizing their service.  My takeaway is that many carriers such as Inteliquent will have a hosted service where they can sign the calls for you (however they will only provide the highest attestation for their own numbers), the problem comes about if you are doing least cost routing, then the only real solution is to apply the certificate to the PBX, and sign all of your own calls.

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