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Is it possible to extract a domain and move it to another box? some sort of export tool?


Yes there is and I have used it many times. Click on the domain you would like to move, then edit. At the bottom of the page is a link that says "To save the domain, click here" . That will create a tar file that can be used to create the domain from file on the new server.

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voicemail/ recordings and all? thats awesome.


How do you import it?



When you go to the new server, go to create domains, give it the primary name and then create from file. PBXnSIP will look on the local machine for the file which by default is named domain.tar. That is if you are using the browser on the server it looks on the server. If you are using a desktop/laptop to browse to the web interface it looks on the desktop/laptop.


I generally use a laptop and keep the file there. If you have the opportunity, test first.


hope this helps!

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