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Apple application does not register

Guest Cesar

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Guest Cesar

Good afternoon

I don't know if it will be a known problem, but it happens to me that I can't register the application on the platform.

Any idea what can happen?

Thank you very much!

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Hello, exactly, my control panel has an SSL certificate, so access is https. I have port 80 and 443 open.

The process I do is to scan the user's QR with the Vodia application on the iPhone X, but the application cannot call any destination. I dial an internal user from the Home and then the screen is pasted, at 00:00, without delivering a ring backtone or any error.(attached image)

I also cannot call between web clients.


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Hi Guys, I also had this problem. I found that certificates had not been created for all my domains. Log into admin>general tab>system and then look for ACME Directory URL. This needs to be set to LETS ENCRYPT.

This fixed my problem. :)

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7 hours ago, BVD said:

Hola chicos, también tuve este problema. Descubrí que no se habían creado certificados para todos mis dominios. Inicie sesión en admin> pestaña general> sistema y luego busque la URL del directorio ACME. Esto debe establecerse en DEJA ENCRIPTAR.

Esto solucionó mi problema. :)

Muchas gracias, revisaremos esto! Lo curioso es que antes funcionaba, pero revisaremos.

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