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Wrong time (off by +1hr) for timezone Greece


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Hi, when selecting "Greece, Athens" timezone the time is off by +1Hr, i.e. it displays 10:45 (GMT+3) when the actual time is 9:45(GMT+2).

It doesn't matter how you set the timezone (at the system level, domain level or account level). Also the OS displays time correctly (9:45 EET).

My workaround was to use Central "African time (GMT+2)".

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I'm going to a random domain, verify that its time zone is default, then go to a random service flag, verify the timezone is default again and at the top I see this:

Current time for this account: 9:19:05

I then verify that the operating system is displaying the correct time (8:19:34) and timezone (EET)

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Guest Hugues

It's would be sooo much simpler to just put the (GMT -X) a side each time zone...

still trying figure out witch one to select for (GMT -4) (New York).

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