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Paging Group Bypasses DND


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I came across this little quirk, the PBX seems to bypass Yealink's DND functionality in order to page it. I've tried using the several custom settings the Yealinks have such as the Emergency DND Bypass but the PBX pushes through no matter what.


Since the phones get provisioned and the DND status should sync up with the PBX, it should make sense that the PBX is able to ignore those phones/devices. It would be worthwhile to add the setting under the Extension permissions or as a setting on the paging group that will ignore devices/phones in DND. 



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The scenario I was looking at involves a user that works under appointments.

For example in a bank (pre-COVID), you get your client to come in with you and you put yourself on DND so as to not be disturbed by calls or announcements.

So in this particular case the user expects privacy but say management who has access to a paging group, decides to broadcast a message "Everyone, there's taco's and donuts in the staff room, feel free to take as many as you like".

While it's not terribly inconvenient it could be seen as unprofessional in this type of environment. Looking at the Yealink forums it seems that people are trying to do the reverse of my scenario and to let pages through DND.

I only thought to mention in case the implementation could be easily achieved, if it's not feasible then should be as is.

Thank you for your time

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