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Cisco 8800 dial plan


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Hi all, I'm using Cisco's ATM and I find the Vodia is updating the default dial plan in the handset however its not complete.  It doesn't allow local 8 digit number to be dialed or 13/18 numbers so I have to manually update the dial plan in each phone. Downside is the phone updating the original config file and rewriting back.

Anyone tell me the shortcut to where I can find this in the templates?

Vodia 66.0.6

Cisco 8811, 8841, 8845, 8861, 8865

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Well almost every client has a different opinion about it. We try to promote the idea that the VoIP phone should be used like the cell phone where you have to press the dial button to start the call. But again, everybody has a different opinion. 

You can edit the dialplan.xml template so that you don't have to mess with the Cisco phone template itself. What we could do is adding another item to the drop down list, so that all you would have to do is to set this up for the domain. 

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Thanks for the reply however that doesn't help the issue of the Cisco dial plan itself in the fact that without manually editing the phones dial plan I can't dial all outbound numbers.

I would think that by setting all outbound dialing rules in the domain dial plan, extensions etc also in the domain, that a cisco dial plan would be created for the cisco phones in that domain and uploaded when the handset is provioned. It seems to not create the whole dial plan needed to dial all external numbers and hence the call fails from the cisco phone. 


Eg dial plan loaded into phone on provisioning is>  ([2-7]xx|8[2-7]xx|[2-9]11|0xxxxxxxxx|0011x.|*xx.)

When I need it to look like this > ([2-7]xx|8[2-7]xx|[2-9]11|0xxxxxxxxx|0011x.|*xx|[4-9]xxxxxxx|13[1-9]xxx|1[38]00xxxxxx|[4-9]xxxxxxx)

Hope this makes sense.

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Let me try to understand this. Let's say the area code is 603 (NH) and the user wants to dial the number +1-603-401-1234. If a user wants to dial extension 401, he or she would enter 401 and the phone would start dialing that number. Lets to make this example clear also assume that there is a extension 340. Dialing 16034011234 would work through the 1xxxxxxxxxx rule. What would the user enter when they wanted to dial the local number 401-1234?

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Hi, I'm having a little trouble understanding your example above so let me ask this again a different way.

Firstly, I have created my extensions in the 200 range, Parking in 300's.

I have also completed my dial plan for outbound calls,

After provisioning a Cisco 8841 handset it receives this dialing rule in the SIP account of the phone >


Located in Sydney Australia our local calling is 8 digits, so for example the above rule does not allow for 8 digit numbers starting with 9!

It has added international prefix 0011 and 10 digit cell numbers starting with 0.

internal extension dialing is fine!

So without adding the rule [4-9]xxxxxxx manually into the dialing plan the call fails at the handset level.

Where is the phone getting the dial plan from for provisioning? Where can I alter this? I have checked the dial plan template, CSC.phone template.  It seems the Cisco phones are more complicated in the template area.

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