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Enable call pickup from extension BLF


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I would like to have a BLF for an "agent group" that indicates callers in line and when pressing the BLF button, picking the next caller in line.

What I could manage to do is the following:

  • adding a BLF for the agent group -> it indicates when callers are in queue, but when pressing the button the callers are not picket; instead the extension calls the agent group
  • adding a BLF that does a call pickup -> it picks up calls from queues but does not indicate via BLF when a caller is in queue.

Our goal is to combine both settings. Within the agent group settings I found the option "Enable call pickup from extension BLF"; but I can not figure out how that works. Can you please tell me how to realize that?


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Generally, the idea is that when you put a ACD on the BLF, it is for picking up the next call in line. A blinking BLF light is a promise that the user can pick up a call. 

That being said that promise is sometimes hard to keep with the various understanding of BLF and the dialog state behind it (it was not designed for this by the RFC authors). 

The "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" means that you can pick up a call from the BLF for that extension. After the motto, I can hear the phone ringing, why does the PBX not start blinking for that extensions BLF? By default it is off, because when you pick it up, usually you would expect someone to call the extension and not a group. Picking up a group call instead might be confusing for the one who picks up the call ("who did you call, who do you want to talk to").

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Yeah that would also be my expecation, but maybe I still get it wrong. So if I set an ACD on a BLF and have "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" active the BLF button should indicate an incomming call to that ACD and when I press the BLF button the call sould be transfered to that extension.

But it does not work like this. The BLF button indicates the incomming call, but pressing the button does not pick the call but calling the ACD instead.

Update: ok, when the extension is logged into the ACD, pressing the BFL button that is set to this specific ACD is indeed picking the call. I thought it was also possible, when the extension is not logged into the ACD. Obviously it is not. Is there a way to achive this?

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The "enable call pickup from extension BLF" is making the BLF for the extension blink when the call comes in on that ACD. So you would put the extension on a key, not the ACD. 

If you put the ACD on a BLF button, the "enable call pickup extension BLF" has no effect for that button. 

At least that is how it should be. I am not sure if the login status makes a difference—its an interesting idea to limit the pickup possibility only to agents.

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