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Email queue directories/files


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Hi Vodia

I've had a few issues setting the email settings, got it working now although it doesn't work when TLS is enabled? Anyway...

What files/directories manage the email settings/queues? The reason I ask is now that emails are working, if I go to Settings > Messaging > Email Setup, at the bottom under 'Currently Used Servers', is a mail server host that is no longer configured in the email settings. State is idle, and Pending is 0.

What's causing that to appear, and how do I get rid/tidy that up?

The only folder I've manged to find relating to emails/queues is usr/local/pbx/emails, but no mention there of this 'currently used server'? I've seen mentions of a spool directory in old posts (like many years old), so I'm wonding if this spool directory is now no longer in the working directory perhaps?


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The emails directory stores the emails that are supposed to go out ASAP. Because its multi tenant, each domain can have their own email server, thus the list of servers in the web interface. Its a primitive way to look at the internal structures for the email client objects. If you want to troubleshoot email issues, you can also turn the log level for email to 9 (and the others to 0). If there are problems with TLS, you can also turn on the log level for TLS. 

Certificates are the main problem with emails and TLS. You can turn the validation off, which is at least a good first step to see if that is the problem. If there are problems with certificates, you might have to take a look at the list of Root CA on the system, and potentially (for older installations) reset the CA list. The next version will actually come with a refreshed Root CA list.

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Disabling cert checking didn't fix it so TLS remains disabled at present.

I didn't notice TLS had its own logging level - will try that out.

There's currently only one domain on the system, but I tried different email settings and servers, I cleared out the /emails directory (or the .XML files at least), and renamed index/0.bin to o.bin.bak if I recall correctly to clear things out. I'm impatient you see, and there weren't any options in the webUI to flush the queue, hence my original question. Might be good to add a force retry too?

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You can trigger sending a new email with the "try" (rocket) button. Then you don't have to wait for timeouts. 

If I remember correctly, the documentation includes description for gmail and Office 365, which are obviously very popular. E.g. for gmail, you have to explicitly allow SMTP. Or what email server are we talking about?

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