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DID Management for Multi Tenant PBX


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Hi Team,

Just wondering if the DID management can be expanded on?

Currently, it would seem that you can add a DID to any tenancy.
It would be great if we can allocate DID's to a particular tenancy, then the end user can route the DIDs within their tenancy.

Essentially giving us as the provider the ability to allocate the DIDs to only work with a single tenancy.

Hopefully this makes sense.

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Most installations don't leave tenants to change the DID at all. IMHO that is not too bad because those DID changes are rare (which means that they don't cost that much time) and tenants usually don't have the expertise to deal with the topic. However I agree the DID management can be improved. We have added a property to the DID that links it to a trunk, which makes a lot of sense, and yes it might make sense to further link it to a domain as well.

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At the moment, we have chosen not to display the DID management section to users.
Which is a shame - I'd prefer to have them see DID management and use it - just restricted to their own numbers.
If you could work on having the option to link a DID to a domain to achieve this - it would be greatly appreciated.

Linking a did to a trunk makes sense if you are running individual trunks per tenancy - but we are running a call termination service as a global trunk.

We have a few customers that have a 10 or 100 number ranges - I'd love to be able to assign all their DIDs to their tenancy and let them self manage.

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