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mongodb CDR - reason: missed (potential bug)


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Currently using version 66. Seeing MongoDB records where once a call has traversed into in ACD from Attendant but reason is still showing as 'missed', rather than 'hw' OR 'hr' depending if user was ringing ACD or waiting for ACD. The definition of 'missed' from the documentation is 'The call was missed in the auto attendant'. 

I have various samples showing 2 legs (states), first leg = attendant, second leg = acd, and reason = missed. This has become a problem after upgrading from version 63. 




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The problem is that we are using the CDR internally both for the user and for the reporting side. A missed call is for the user something else than for the reporting end: a user might have missed a call that some other agent has picked up. The solution that we found was to mark the missed call leg as deleted by the user, so that is does exist, but is invisible to the user. Its in version 67.

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So just to clarify, are you saying the matter is resolved in v67? or this is just part of the new pattern established to handle missed calls and if so, how do we now define a missed call that occurs during an ACD for example. Again, i refer back to the documentation, the example that i am finding not matching is reason = hw or hr. Definition for hw is "The call was disconnected by the user while waiting in the ACD.", however in this scenario, our mongodb extracts are showing "reason: missed"


    "states": [{
        "type": "acd",
        "from": "\"Calling Number\" <sip:number@domain>",
        "to": "\"Call\" <sip:number@domain>",
        "language": "uk",
        "start": {
            "$date": "2021-06-20T23:59:22.680Z"
        "durationivr": 11384,
        "durationring": 16422,
        "durationtalk": 0,
        "durationhold": 0,
        "durationidle": 0,
        "reason": "missed",
        "account": "300",
        "account-name": "Call",
        "extension": "",
        "extension-name": ""

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There are two ways to "miss" a call in the ACD. One way is the callers perception when the caller hangs up without talking to an agent. And the other way is that an agent does not pick up the call although the phone was ringing. Those are independent, for example one or more agents can miss a call but the ACD does not miss the call when another agent picks up. You can determine if the ACD missed a call by looking at the reason, e.g. "hr" would be a classic missed call for the ACD. The agents that missed the call are reported in a list with their extension numbers. I can't see that in the example above, assume that this is from an older version. BTW 67 should include a version number in the CDR record to make identifying this easier.

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Thanks @Vodia PBX - Yes the version is currently on v66 and we are trying to establish if upgrading to v67 will resolve our issues. I understand the differences between missed type 1 (which we internalize as Abandoned), and missed type 2 (which we internalize as missed). Please correct me if im wrong, but in context of users sitting inside an ACD, for type 1, the CDR should show 'reason: hw The Call was disconnected while the user while waiting in the ACD', and type 2, the CDR should show 'reason: hr' The Call was disconnected while the user was ringing in the ACD.

In my example above, the call traversed through an Auto Attendant (State 0), and an ACD (State 1), which either had agents or did not have agents in queue. The CDR should have shown reason:hr or reason:hw, but showed neither. It produced reason:missed (which by your documentation, relates to a missed call from an Auto Attendant. And finally, my example shows 'type = acd', and 'reason = missed' - these two variables, should not be possible in the same JSON message.

I hope this clarifies my question.


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