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Action URL, IVR Node


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Hi All, I'm using Vodia version 67. I'm using IVR Node Action URL to send text messages. In Action URL Message Body if I set "from=13159612166&to=16466535719&body=Thank you." so I can successfully send text messages out to 16466535719. But If I add

"from=13159612166&to={from}&body=Thank you." now not able to send text messages. when I see the logs, this is what I see. For first example log shows below

from=13159612166&to=16466535719&body=Thank you.


With above example message sent successfully.

for second example logs show below.

from=13159612166&to=%2b16466535719&body=Thank you.

Not able to send message with above example.

I think when I put {from} it's adding %2b before the caller ID number "16466535719". Please be noted I've assigned a DID to IVR node and when I call to that DID from "16466535719" it happen. Please advise.

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When I enable the log level 9 I see below error.

[8] 1:13:47.468 https:api4.apidaze.io:443: Return content (148 bytes)ⓘ
{"message":"Wrong format for \"to\" number. International format accepted without +. E.g. : 15417543010","ok":false,"code":"E_UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY"}


Is it because pbx is getting +16466535719 for variable {from}? Can this be a case? Our vendor does not except to send SMS with leading +. I should be 11 digit number like 16466535719. what would be the solution?

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