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Transfer Reminder doesn't activate when transfering a call using the Vodia App


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Vodia Support,


When using the Vodia App to Transfer a call to another extension, the domain's Transfer Reminder doesn't activate.

Scenario would be, while on a call in the App, tap Transfer, then Extensions, then the extension to transfer to, then transfer.

You lose the call immediately from the App and it starts ringing the other extension as is expected with a Blind Transfer, however the domains Transfer Reminder doesn't initiate after the allotted time.

Transfer Reminder does works for blind transfers from an IP Handset, just not from the Vodia App.


Also transferring to an external number fails. Constantly getting complaints from clients on this one.

Scenario would be, while on a call using the App, tap Transfer, then "Dial Number", then dial the number, then tap orange right arrow.

Call is lost and caller hung up on.

I have been advising clients to place the call on Hold, then dial the number using "Dialpad", then transfer the call to Held call where the call is waiting. This works but is the long way around.


Also the App suffers from a white screen problem I have customers complaining about frequently.

If the App wakes up to receive an incoming call, but you don't answer the call, the screen goes white and you can't get back into the App until you close it down and reopen it.

PM me for a video I recorded of this occurring.

This relates to Android, unsure if problem also exists on iOS.


PBX is 67.0.6 (Jul 26 2021 17:24:39)
App version I'm using is 4.0.13

Apart from these minor issues the App is a great addition to the Vodia platform.


Thank you,


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