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Apps disconnecting


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Hi team,

App users seem to be having issues where the app will display a blank white screen on android or displays no content on iOS.
Only fix looks to be to uninstall and re-install the app and re-login using the QR code.

If the PBX is restarted or updated it appears to drop all the connections and the apps lock up needing to be uninstalled and reinstalled again.
We have quite a few users utilising the mobile apps and its not giving the best user experience.

PBX is running 67.0.6 (Debian64) (Aug 10 2021 14:30:04 Build), and the apps are all the latest versions.

Any feedback/guidance would be appreciated.


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No IP's blocked, these services are typically connecting via 4G.
We have whitelisted the carriers IP ranges for 4G services as well as our customers physical locations IPs.

If an IP was blocked, I wouldn't have expected the app to completely lock up and need to be uninstalled and reinstalled to get it to function again.

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The display of the app heavily depends on the ability to fetch the information from the PBX. If that does not happen the app looks like it is stuck. The app stores pretty much only the information to log in. Might be an idea to keep more in the app cache, so that in case of bad connectivity the user does not get confused. 

In order to troubleshoot this, I would still try to get a trace on SIP or HTTP level to see what is going on. 

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