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APP not always ringing

Guest Nathan G

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Guest Nathan G

One of our employees has a S9 and his app does not always ring when his extension is called.  I setup my app on my S8 as the same extension and it rings when the extension is called.  I have removed the extension from the vodia PBX and added it again, this did not help with the issue.  Has anyone ran into this issue? If so what was the fix?


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I would try to first isolate the problem. For example, does it generally work on that system with other Android versions—that would be a sign that the problem must be related to the Android version. We have added a push server in the EU region (Frankfurt) to better address the responsiveness in the EU which might contribute to the problem (you can check if you are using that server in /reg_messages.htm, the address should be https://push-eu.vodia.net). The other thing to check is how many wakeup registrations you have in the extension (in the registrations tab). They tend to pile up with version updates, and you might want to delete older ones or just all of them—the PBX will add a new one when you start the app.

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Thank you for your reply.

The Push server is https://push-eu.vodia.net

The problem is very strange:

the application works on an identical smartphone with the same extension but not with the user's smartphone!

In the same tenant I have:

- one samasung A21 which works and one which does not

- one samasung A31 which works and one which does not

all use Android 11.


The two phones that don't ring are those that have two SIM cards. coincidence?


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2 hours ago, ed_fr said:

The two phones that don't ring are those that have two SIM cards. coincidence?

Hard to say, everything is possible. But my guess would be more like where they are in the network (firewall is a typical problem) or if there is any special software like VPN tunnel running on the device. 

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@Vodia PBX

Having similar issues.
Device Galaxy A12 latest android update.

We're currently using push-au.vodia.net which I believe was recently relocated from US to AU.

End User gets very sporadic push/wake on inbound calls.
"When I got a call from my colleague this morning it rang. But has not worked this rest of the day. "


Any suggestions?




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We get them too.

If you've done any mobile dev before, once you send the push update with the correct meta, it's no longer in the developers hands.

It changes hands so much. ISP, Carrier, Android, Apple, Samsung.. it's endless. TLS and APP KEYS (for Apple) was supposed to solve this.

And apple is very picky with meta. 

I just have all basically all this in a canned response for service tickets lol.


Example, mine always rings, but I'll get some random alert of an SMS from a couple hours ago, 50 messages late ha.

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In hindsight Apple did a great job with CallKit and PushKit. IMHO that avoids many problems with VoIP incoming calls and messages.

There are at least two Android wake-ups. The deep sleep wakeup just takes longer than the warm wakeup. We tried to shorten that time, but it seems to be "complex", especially because it seems every vendor tries to improve it in a different way. Moving the push server closer to the region will cut out 500 ms maximum, compared to the wakeup time in Android its more cosmetic (for iOS it does make a difference). 

One problem that we still have is that devices sometimes changes the device-ID and then we end up with multiple wake-up tokens for the same device. You can see them on the registration page for the extension and just delete them. When the app starts the next time (obviously not with a wakeup), it will re-register the latest device ID. That problem exists both for iOS and Android and I would recommend reviewing the registrations. Maybe we find a smart way of cleaning this up automatically. 

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