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Max System Requirements

D Ellis

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I am looking to quote a client and I am struggling to get exact numbers and wondered if anyone can help. I have seen some posts about min requirements, but can't quite work out the maximum we'd get on some VMs.

We are looking to setup a VM with dedicated access to the CPU, customer has asked us price maximum available extensions/calls to different hardware setups. What would be the approximate/roughly max extensions/calls for each VM configuration? Or is there a general rule on how many calls/extensions you'd get say under x memory/cpu?

  • 2GB memory/2 CPUs / 80GB SSD
  • 4GB memory/2 CPUs / 160GB SSD
  • 8GB memory/4 CPUs / 320GB SSD

I am not even sure if we need to set the SSD that high, as most won't be recorded. I know its not quite as simple as say the first option would give exactly x, but wondering what the maximum people would put on these specifications?




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