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Managing mobile app

Ajdin Gazija

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Hi is it possible to manage all connected VODIA Mobil Apps/clients (Like in Windows server GPOs) with there currently tenant?

With this settings:

General enable/disable Mobile App connect with iOS/android on the tenant.

Enable/disable video function

Enable/disable contact Menu, settings..

Set company colors...

Set company name...

Set custom HTML5 page/ extra Menu with custom name like Knowledge Base/HR,...


Kind regards

Ajdin Gazija - CTO



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If you are into programming, the web front end is all yours. You can change the templates in the admin section of the PBX on system, tenant and extension level if you like. However keep in mind that this is not a "5 minute" task and it might take you weeks to get the results you want. The Windows and MacOS apps also use a lot of that customized code. For the Android app, things are getting a little different because n the mobile world, the device cannot download the whole app every time a call comes in. Also keep in mind that we keep making changes to the web front end code from the Vodia side and they might conflict with your changes sooner or later.

There are a few things that can be done easily, like using a customer logo or setting the company name. Also some of the menus automatically enable or disable depending on the permissions for the extension, for example if the extension is part of a queue, the menu item will show or not.

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Changing logo can be done on domain level: Settings -> Logo. It does however only changes the logo within the app, and the not apps icon.

Fonts are not editable at this point.

Color change is a relatively easy task, we have a whole .css file with all the color variables that you can edit: Advanced -> Customize -> Type: Webpage(user) , Page: css/variables.css



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