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Outside Callers unable to select


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I have a customer that is having a strange problem with certain callers. The caller calls in, the IVR answers, but when the caller pressing a menu option or extension nothing happens. I have personally had this happen in other systems, but am unable to duplicate in this PBXnSIP setup. Anyone have this issue or any suggestion?



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Thanks for the reply and link. The customer is not using inbound VoIP service. They have traditional POTS lines connected via a Vega50. We had the client contact a few of the larger customers they say are having the most issues. It seems the biggest problem is customers who have Sprint cell service are the ones not able to make menu or extension selections.


Could this still be an DTMF/inband issue? Should I consider turning "Inband DTMF detection:" on? Or will that break the customers that are working?



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The Vegastreams are quite powerful and they should to the DTMF detection. The PBX inband detection is really really only the last resort, and it is not as reliable as a PSTN gateway (which does not have to deal with packet loss!) DTMF detection.


I am not a big expert on Vegastream configuration, but I know 100 % that the gateway can do a realiable DTMF detection. Maybe someone else in the forum knows Vegastream better.

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We are also seeing this problem (Our client using Vegastream 50 as well but I beleive this is not caused by Vegastream). After our tests we've found out that if the recording on the IVR node ends and starts to repeat itself the DTMF tones that are entered during those repetitions are not recognized.


At first we didn't notice this because the recordings on the IVR nodes were a bit long so the caller had time to enter the tones and IVR recognized it.


This behavior is seen with PBXnSIP v1.5.7, and also with the new version v1.5.10, on either a call from the Vegastream or an internal one.


Any idea why this might be happening?



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