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Action URL from an external number


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I don't know if possible, but i though I could ask before venturing into other solutions.

I have a project where I want anyone to call an auto attendant. They dial an extension number which has a call forward enabled to a cell phone. The call is then forarded to an external number such as a cell phone. 

I want the person that picks up from the forwarded call to dial a dtmf sequence and then the pbx to send an action URL out to my third party server. 

Is this possible? I looked at IVR nodes but it takes the caller dtmf keys, not the callee.


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So I try this.

Caller dials phone number, which belongs to an IVR, then he enters an extension number, this extension number has a redirect all forward to a cell phone number. When the agent picks up his cell phone, I want the agent to enter a code to approve, example 55. If 55 is pressed by the agent, then the vodia system sends an action URL to my web server. 

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First of all, you could use a ACD and then send the calls to the agent which would solve a couple of problems e.g. with call waiting.

But the main problem is that we currently don't really have anything that properly handles DTMF input from the agent. You could build something about the DTMF history in the call leg which will be part of the CDR and then use that to dig out the agent confirmation. Or ask the agent to put the call on hold (with ##) and then redirect the call into a IVR that plays a confirmation and triggers the action URL.

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