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Anynode SBC with Vodia for Teams


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Hi Vodia Teams,

I have few items that I'm not familiar on SBC;

1. Can anynode SBC software be install in the same cloud server as Vodia has?

2. I have follow the steps article in https://doc.vodia.com/docs/integrating-anynode-with-vodia-pbx, but the status of the anynode trunk under Vodia admin portal : SIP Trunk the trunk status doesnt get 200 OK. How can I achive or correct or locate this? * Anynode SBC software is install in same server (Linux) the vodia sitting in.

3. Is Certificate & private is a must to be set in SBC ? 

4. Can the certificate & private key from Vodia admin portal be download and apply in item 3 ? *Page Settings -> Certificates.

Thanks in advance


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1. Yes that should be possible though we have not tried that. However obviously you need to make sure that there are no conflicts with ports, e.g. HTTP and HTTPS ports.

2. I would turn on logging for the IP address of anynode and see what packets are going back and forth. E.g. if you are running them both on the same server, would you use or would you use the public IP? 

3. You will need one certificate in anynode independent from the Vodia PBX installation. In Vodia, you should install a certificate as well, especially if you want to use the apps.

4. Hmm, in theory yes you should be able to use the same certificate because they point to the same DNS address. However practically speaking it should be easier to just use LetsEncrypt certificates for the PBX, especially if the DNS name for the PBX itself is different than the name for the SBC. On the other hand, if you issue a certificate for the whole server and include the name needed for anynode and for the PBX (and possibly separate names for tenants) as alias names, you should be able to use that certificate for both anynode and the PBX.

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