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Manipulate extension ani


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I'm trying to set outbound ani based on the number dialled. According to the documentation if I put

01482:02034444444 01384555555


441482:02034444444 01384555555


+44482:02034444444 01384555555

in the "Outbound Number (ANI)" field and dial a number beginning 01482 I should show 02034444444 as CLI and any other number dialled should show 01384555555. But it ALWAYS shows 01384555555

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Try adding the rules to the Regular ANI rule instead of Trunk ANI.  The format I am using +prefix: ani
In this case, the prefix is needed in order for this to work correctly.  
So if I call an 813 number Vodia will show 9785569365 same result if I dial a 978 number. 
Cool feature, you can add as many entries as you want as well. 
Hamlet Collado


Hamlet Collado
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