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Everything that can be done from the web interface has an API. However I would keep expectations low, the PBX is not a FAX server. If you intend to automatically send FAX, I would use a FAX server of the API of the trunk provider. Some trunk providers offer a FAX API that can be used using standard HTTP requests and they even take are about converting documents. 

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Trying to integrate customer software with the PBX. i want to make a connector between the two so its automated. 

but i need to check status of the fax, if its in queue, sent, failed. even if its from the server, just tell me where the logs for that fax will be. or if there is a way to send a fax from the server side, i can do that as well. my only other solution is to roll spin a PBX (asterisks or freeswitch) and call the functions, but i dont want to have everything seperated. and its one more server to maintain.

when sending a fax from the web gui, there is no ID or anything, we dont know if it failed or went through.

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