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Unable to login to windows app when two factor authentication is enabled


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This looks to still be a problem; the mobile app also seems to just freeze on a blank extensions tab, as it often does when it can't see the server. (I have updated to the current 68.0.20 version). Toggling 2FA off allows things to work again, but nowadays not having some form of second factor on internet-accessible services isn't really viable.

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On 8/25/2022 at 10:27 AM, Vodia PBX said:

The next version 69 will address this properly. Also it seems that the apps will be able to support passkeys which might solve the problem of storing passwords altogether. 

How is version 69 addressing this? Under Settings > Security > General on 69.0.3, it appears the two factor setting has disappeared completely.  I like the idea of passkeys, but don't seem them being completely GA yet. I'd like to see an option to enforce 2FA and/or passkey. Since we can't assume all users have passkey support, the 2FA option shouldn't go away. What's the status of 2FA in v69?


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69 is using passkey, which puts the burden of the second, third, ... factor on the browser and operating system. It's essentially the job of the operating system or environment to make sure that the user is the user. Passkeys are available on all mainstream browsers today and it is heavily promoted by the FIDO alliance, though admittedly users need to get used to the concept more. But it will happen.

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