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I have a customer with a custom CRM that is being developed. They currently have an API request from the CRM that contacts the Vodia server to initiate a call whenever they select a customer and click the dial button from within the CRM. This works correctly and will ring out through the PBX without any issues. However, they currently do not have anything set to also allow two way communication to end the call. If they end the call within the CRM, or from the Vodia softphone / deskphone, it only ends it for that one instance and not both at once. So they are having to click end call on both spots. They just need to also have an API request to allow the two to both simultaneously end the call, from no matter where they click the end call button from.

I am by no means a dev and was not the one who made the initial API request for the call out. I just need to help point the CRM developer in the right direction to get this implemented. 

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