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Teams & Consulted aka Attended transfers


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I have extensively tested with Teams on what does and does not work and the quirks to determine if it's usable for customers. 

It seems the basics are all good. However, I sometimes get an OPTIONS warning on the MS admin panel, which is odd. It just randomly appears and will stay with a warning for ages, occasionally returning to normal. 

My main question is about Consulted Transfers. It seems it will open up a new call leg when you click the transfer after the consult, keeping you on the line with the destination making one of you need to hang up or accept the next call. 

Call to PBX -> Answered on Teams -> Consulted Transfer to -> PBX Internal Ext

Some reading here, is REFER active on this trunk?

Issues with call transfers - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


Not sure if its related to the change documented here, about replace headers being rejected from April 2022



Microsoft Teams Direct Routing & Audiocodes SBCs – Replaces Header – Michael Paul | @micoolpaul


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That is odd, because if you look into our logs you will see we receive options and respond with 200ok and also send options and get 200ok.

Regarding the attended transfer, I am sorry I did not completely get the problem. It has to open a new call to the person to whom you talk first and then complete the transfer.

That is not working as intended?


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