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Call Log shows Partial Call


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Ext 101 called the client, and said we will transfer you to your case worker, Ext 101 puts the caller on hold. calls ext 109, to tell him, client is about to get trasnfered. then ext 101 transfered the call to Ext 109, in the call logs it shows that 101 called 109. when i expand it i see three sets of recordings, first one is 4 seconds which is the call between 101 and 104 second one is 5:25 seconds, which is the recording between the 109 and client, last one is 5:54 which is the full recording from the moment ext 101 called the client until ext 109 was done with the call.

The recordings are fine, this is what i would expect. but the call logs show:

FROM: Front Desk (101)

TO: Extension Name (109)


so when we are searching for the phone number to pull recordings, we could not search by caller-id.


How we have better way of logging these calls?

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