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Zero touch provisioning Yealink W76P


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Hi Team,

Looking for some advice here please, having trouble provisioning yealink W76P (W70B base station and W56H DECT Cordless).  Enter the MAC address in the account under the tenant, the MAC appears in Yealink RPS.  When fire up the base station I can see it hit RPS however the handset never downloads the config file from the Vodia server.  Where am I going wrong.  FYI desk phones are provisioning fine its just the DECT ones.  

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I ended up logging into the GUI of the base station and putting in the server FQDN into the auto provision section, then selecting auto provision and everything came on line.  Can you expand on "One of the "hacks" is that you can put the IMEI (the ID for the DECT handsets) into parameter 1 for the extension. Then the handset should be automatically be assigned to the base. " please


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The provisioning is based on the MAC address, and that works well for VoIP phones. For DECT, there is another identifier (the IMEI if I am correct) which is 12-digit hex code. Because we still need the MAC for the base station provisioning, the DECT handset ID was placed into the general purpose parameter, that is a "hack" — although just a small one. 

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