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problem recording greeting for Agent group


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hi guys

I'm setting an agent group and every thing seems to be working will but for the recording of customized greetings, I followed the instructions by dialing *98 + the

group number + * + the announcement number, what is happening is I'm getting the announcement "please record your greeting after the tone" after dialing *98 and before I finish entering the group number :o

Also the same problem goes for recording customized greetings for any other extension, so lets say i want to record greeting for the Ext. 211 using Ext. 212 acording to the manual I pick up the phone registered to Ext. 212 and dial *98211* and I'll be able to do that, but what is happening is after calling *98 the system pickup and start asking to record greeting for the Ext. you are dialing from

Please Help,

thank you

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Sometimes devices automatically start dialling after *xx, you should check that. Usually the device offers a dialplan, which you might need to change.


thank you, but i tried by entering all the numbers then pressing dial still the same.by the way I'm using Linksys SPA942

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Bingo. The SPA are famous for having a predefined dial plan that always starts sialling after *xx. Check out http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Linksys.


Thank you, that worked.

I didn't think of the dialing plan Duh.. :rolleyes: and by the way the dial plan you have in the wiki is nice but I think it have to look like this


instead of (*xx|*xxxxx|,[3469]11S0|<:1801>[2-9]xxxxxx|<:1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxxS0|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxxS0|011xx.|xx.|[1-8]xx)

so you can record the announcements 1 to 9

I tried creating account to edit the wiki page but it seems like you guys have disabled that

thanks again


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