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iOS App Version 1.19

Vodia PBX

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We have released a new version of the app. There are two noteworthy improvements in this version.

The first one is a better understandable icon. Users now see a handset, and they will understand that this app must have something to do with telephony. 

The second one is that we added support for the OPUS codec. IMHO that is a huge step, because this does not only mean that internal calls now can enjoy up to 48 kHz high fidelity; it also comes with a much better packet loss concealment which is part of OPUS. G711 is very bad with lost packets, and a lot of user frustration might just come from the stuttering audio when they have less than perfect internet connectivity. I would recommend trying to enable the OPUS codec on the PBX if you are on 68.0.20 or later, this should be a new experience for the iOS users.

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I updated the VODIA server to v68.0.24 and updated the iPhone app.

Then, I activated the OPUS codec on extensions.

During calls, I have poor sound quality. The voice is "metalic".

Is there an adjustment to be made somewhere?

(the server have sufficient hardware resources)

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Well it should not sound metallic. What could be the problem is that there is some transcoding going on, e.g. the call comes in on G.722 and then has to be transcoded into OPUS. Quality never goes up with transcoding. If you can reproduce the problem, please generate a PCAP trace and attach it to a ticket so that we can take a look at it.

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