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Trunk IPs are not getting updated correctly.


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I setup a new PBX, copy the trunk settings from Text View to ensure the setting are all the same.

I noticed from my other 2 PBXs that the ips associated with them are not complete. 

the first two PBX show this:


My new PBX shows this:



Outgoing calls work fine. Incoming calls dont work. I get a email notification that the IP has been blocked. If i whitelist the IP addresses, then I dont get the email notications but the calls still dont go through.


The first PBX that are working are 68.0.20

my new pbx was 68.0.22, now i downgraded it to 68.0.20 but it still doesnt work.

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If you don't explicitly specify the associated addresses for the trunk, it will do a reverse DNS lookup, following possible paths. However when the provider uses something like random DNS A addresses, this will obviously not work with all possible addresses. In such cases it is better to explicitly specify the addresses. In the 68.022 versions you can also specify IP address ranges.

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