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Play IVR if 404 unallocated number

Frederic Pi

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Hello I would like to find a way to play an audio message when a caller calls an unassigned number the Trunks system returns a 404 Not Found corresponds to an unassigned number and I would like the PBX to play a message in order to inform the user final it would avoid unnecessary calls to support someone has a solution I'm interested thank you in advance

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Well so far our understanding was that we forward the error code to the calling user-agent. The phone should display an appropriate message, probably on the display or, for example, play a busy tone when the call returned a 486 code. 

That being said, looking at our own apps, there might be potential for better information to the user. 

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I think that a setting at the Trunks level would make it possible to return according to an error code to an ivr in a personalized way which would allow the system administrator to be free to choose.  This development allows users to be informed with an audio of the reason for the call failure.

My provider returns 404 not found when the number does not exist

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