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IVR Node DTMF Help


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Hello all,

I am trying to program an IVR Node that has support for up to 2 digits DTMF recognition.


Our client has a recording that states

Press 1 for Person A

Press 2 for Person B

Press 11 for Person C


They would also need to be able to dial extensions directly from this IVR

Ex: Caller hitting 100 would send them to extension 100.


My current issue is in the documentation of IVR Nodes, it really only states this:

A simple replacement where the caller enters "0" and is sent to extension "500" would be !0!500!. An example pattern that waits until a user has entered three digits and then returns the three digits would look like this: !^([0-9]{3})$!\1!.

We wouldn't want the menu to necessarily wait until 3 digits are pressed since not everyone would be directly dialing extensions.

Currently with the !1!500! variable is as soon as caller hits 1 they would be sent to 500 and they may want to select option 11.


Any help would be appreciated!


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