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Unable to delete 'Upload Audio" Ring Melody


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Can't seem to delete custom Ring Melody's once they are uploaded though the "Upload Audio" (base level) I think its been doing this for a number of versions. Just now I want to actually change the slots they are in. Currently 68.0.28. It just ignores the delete operation.

If you upload a ring back file you can remove that. 

I see it's storing the uploaded Ring melody's to domain.com/img/ringer2.wav  but not related to pbxwebai dir. Mabye something getting confused when you are running with pbxwebai folder?

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On 5/19/2023 at 6:52 PM, Vodia PBX said:

This should be part of 68.0.30. There was definitely something fixed, is there anther problem? 

Yeah, might have done the inverse. 

I used to be able to remove ring back / general audio, but that's not working now. I can remove ring Melodys now.

I confirmed the ring back/general audio files are not being used in any domain or system settings, but it won't remove, I also can't preview play the file. 

Something does not feel right, for example if I upload a custom ringer from the famous 24 TV show :P The best ring tone.... and upload it to replace Ringer 6, which is a very hash ringer. it uploads and the description reflects everywhere under sub domains however when previewing the file, it still plays the old ringer, maybe a system reboot is needed when replacing them.



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