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MOS Graph's


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I presume the MOS graphs graph the trunk side and the customer side hence the weight of the dot's, would it not be possible to colour the trunk dots differently?

When reviewing the global MOS scores, I noticed some zero ones which must be no media.., so Investigated customers to locate, once located I then went through the extensions to try find the one responsible but was not able to, so I presumed some of the graphed dots must be the trunk side?



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You can see the MOS for a trunk in the page for the statistics for the trunk. Same for each extension. But I agree it can take some time to find the exact call that was causing the problem. At least there is some kind of hint.

MOS scores are a little confusing because their range is between 1 and 5. There is no MOS 0. If the MOS is 0 that is more like a hint that there was simply no information about a MOS. For example, there was no call or at least no media. 

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