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v69 Show tenant domain.


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In version 68, when in tenant level, at the top left we would says the domain name, this is very handy. altough showing the Name instead looks nicer. but the name is useless to me, I always refer back to the domain, for things like device provisioning, anyway we can add that below the name. or maybe clicking on the name, will take you to Tenant Information page where i can quickly copy DNS address.

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Those who are using the PBX for many years are so used to the name "domain" they are wondering why its now tenant: Because it's multi-tenant. Its marketing. The term "tenant" became popular far after release 1.0, and we eventually had to adjust to reality and go through the painful process of renaming the domain into tenant. 

It's similar with the "name" of the tenant. If you look e.g. on Microsoft Exchange and how they show their tenants, they also use "names" which are really just a descriptive string, which provides more freedom to the ones setting them up. DNS addresses are a subset, and of course you can choose a name which is the same like the DNS address. Ideally, you never have to enter the DNS address manually and get there by clicking on it. Maybe we can just add the DNS address somewhere in the tenant web front end, so that there is no need to navigate back to system level to see it. 

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